Dan’s Story

Dan is one of the artisans we admire here at Craftbeauty for her amazing positive energy and optimism. Dan is an artisan specialising in sewing and despite having disabilities in both her legs and hands, has embraced the opportunities here at Craftbeauty. 

Dan is the oldest of five siblings, from a poor farming family in the provinces. At 18 years old, through the recommendation of the Vietnam Association of Business and Enterprises of People, with Disabilities (VABED), Dan came to work with us and has since taken up training in tailoring and quality control skills as well as other life skills. 

Viewing her work, you would not know that she had any disabilities to overcome to achieve the great standard of work she is producing. She has become a valuable member of her sewing group and earns a decent living, working in good working conditions. Dan has come a long way in helping to support her family and is not only able to support herself, but also send money home for her parents and siblings. Dan always has a smile on her face and is one of the first people to welcome and support new artisans at Craftbeauty. 

Dzung story

Dzung started with Craftbeauty in 2004 and since then has come a long way in both her skills and confidence levels. Dung was not confident, and found it hard to integrate into society because of her disability. Since being at Craftbeauty she has been encouraged to develop her skills and has now reached the position of technician manager; teaching others tailoring skills, creating samples and managing production. Dung is kind hearted and helpful and has also now purchased a motorbike! 

Diu story

Diu is one of our managers here at Craftbeauty who has worked her way up through the company. Diu comes from a poor family in a remote province who was not able to afford for her to complete school. She came to Hanoi to find a job to support her family, and ended up working in a low paid job washing dishes in poor conditions and not being able to make ends meet. After hearing about Craftbeauty, Diu was given a chance to work with us, starting in the packing and Quality Control room. Over time, Diu has shown that she is  hard working, willing and able to complete many tasks and has now been promoted to Production Manager. Not only has Diu been able to move up through the company, but we have been able to help finance her studies but she also has enough money to cover all of her own costs and send some money back other family in the provinces.